im not a monster.

im not a bad person.

im not


I don’t know. I could be.

21.9.2014  +1  

today im wearing valentino

19.9.2014  +22  

im getting bad again

19.9.2014  +3  


16.9.2014  +3  

stop talking about my weight

stop talking about my eating

stop talking like you give a shit

stop talking about me

stop pretending

stop fucking lying

leave me the fuck alone

16.9.2014  +3  

do not call me your friend.

do not call me your anything.

i am nothing to you.

i will never be again.

16.9.2014  +0  

i’ve been lied to, solicited, exploited, and abused.

all of which were done with a smile.

i am not a game.

this ends now.

16.9.2014  +0  

ive had 2 hours of sleep and I don’t need to be awake for another 5 yet here i am and i just cannot stop moving

im so tired

15.9.2014  +0  
apleasantpossum: i want u to know my mom asks about you a lot and always gets really excited when i have new pics of you. you're probably one of her favorites of all the friends ive ever had omg


that makes me so happy

your mom is so cute

i hope you guys come back to new york soon and if you do please come stay with me for that time your mom and my mom would have so much fun

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