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Die-cut stickers. “Thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate that protects your die cut stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight.”

Link and Dipper stickers are available for preorder!

If you are able to spread the word, it’d be much appreciated! I’m trying to help my long distance boyfriend visit me for Christmas, and being a full time student, I simply don’t have the time to open commissions. Until my semester ends, this is the only option I have to make some extra cash and if anyone can help out I’d really, really appreciate it!

Thank you ;u;


wary-truman why would anyone care about anythin he does or has openly said like lol he’s just such a great role model for kids! shows you can be whatever you wanna be if you put your mind to it! as long as you can dehumanize and strip people of their dignity to get what you want lol!

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interestin how mad ppl are still stayin ignorant to snoop’s homophobic bullshit

truly amazin imo

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bornwolves: absolute perfection

ya glee!

honestly? no offense

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jil sander x uniqlo x veli sadiku

fashion tip for men: just because you recycle the same 5 suits every week with a different button down and hat doesn’t make you fashionable. go to sleep. you’ve had a long day at burlington coat factory.

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im heterophobic

^^^^^ THIS XD

omg finally someone said it!


Always reblog♥

yunhova replied to your post: sleepy leather transparency 

ugh like please fight me. how dare you look this good like damn

honestly? im gay

im heterophobic

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